Tepodus mortus is a semi-rare fungus found in exotic jungles and swamps. Although lethal to eat, it has several uses if taken in small doses. Its name means "Warm Death", due to the slow, yet painless death that it brings to those who eat it.

Climate: Hot, wet
Commonness: 3/10
Edible (Y/N): N


As mentioned earlier, this fungus can have several uses if taken in small doses. These uses include medicine, vaccines, and even navigation.


Aculii, a rare minnima, have a tendency to inhabit this fungus. These minnima, when eaten, can strengthin immune systems. This, of course, means that they can cure many sicknesses, even deadly ones. This alone makes tepodus morti valuble and expensive. They inhabit the stem of the fungus, feeding off of nutrients that are left behind.


If a very small dose of the poison is injected into one's bloodstream, it can give them immunity to several kinds of poisons that would normally kill people. The poison in tepodus morti actually contain the key elements of several other plant-born poisons. However, the vaccine can make one sick for months, and rarely, cause death.

Jungle navigationEdit

It's easy to get lost in jungles, which is why these fungi can also prove useful. They are almost always found in the heart of a swamp or jungle, as they need very specific requirements to grow. If you ever happen to find yourself lost in a place that has these fungi, try to find them. If you find a colony of the tepodus morti, you can normally be assured that you are in the heart of the area.