Snotties are a peculiar type of minnima that live in large colonies of about 5,000. They tend to live in damp, dark caves, like Grotto.


Snotties are slightly transparent, and look pale green when exposed to light. They tend to feed on sprites and leftover nutrients. Every snotty gets a share of the prey. They catch prey with their sticky coating, and extract the nutrients.


Snotties hang down frome cave ceilings like stalactites, and use momentum to swing back and forth to catch prey. They don't seem to attack anything larger than them, and are very non-teritorial. The minnima at the vary top of the cave ceiling are allowed a larger portion of the catch, as the rest of them depend on the base snotties to hold them up. When exposed to light, they tend to swing towards it, assuming it's a sprite.


Like blips, snotties are asexual reproducers. When allowed enough nutrients, they grow tumor-like orbs on them, which after a day can turn into indipendent minnima of the snotty.