A nuranrakinha large beast, known for it's dangerous habits of residing under cities in the Nurana region.


Massive, and with a fat body. It has 4 large tentacles flowing form underneath the body, each without bones and a tenuous connection to the main body, allowing them to rapidly spin and thus dig easily through the ground. Pale white, with pale blue markings, and a black 'mask' over the eyes.


The nuranrakinha is a powerful and dangerous beast. It hunts via heat, looking for mass hot spots, aiming to attack herds of animals. However, nowadays, the largest masses of heat are cities, making it into a dangerous predator. It normally is not dangerous unless provoked, and easily domesticated. It won't attack you if you are in a group of less than 5.


An odd ritualistic dance is used to attract females, where they move around their tentacles above ground, slapping onto the desert to cause vibrations in a rhythm that causes females to get aroused.

In CultureEdit

The nuranrakinha is viewed as a dangerous beast, and has vast negative connotations for it's roles in the story of Hinalan. It is used as the symbol of 'bad omen', or 'bad luck', in the Isutacu culture.