Magic is a mystery, one of the less understood things in Nova. It, essentially, allows control of the paranormal. Magic is untame and difficult to control, so few can actually harness its power.


Although there are several occult beliefs on exactly what magic is, one theory, known as the Cross-Multiverse Theory is the most well known. It goes as follows.

Since the beginning of time, there have been infinite universes. Each universe has its place in a perfect array -- except for two. The two universes, one being Nova, and the other Supernova, are miraculous mistakes. Supernova is parallel to Nova. They are essentially the same, besides one difference. Supernova contains everything Nova has -- except for living creatures. It does, however contain a strange gas, that is believed to be the fumes of magic itself. Due to, perhaps, a coincidence, the two universes collided at some point, even though they were completely static. This caused several ripples in reality, time, and space itself. Chaos consumed all of the universes that ever existed and ever will exist, until the day came that Nova and Supernova formed some sort of a bond. Both universes, stuck to each other, were the only imperfection in the endless infinity of a perfect array of universes.

And with the bond of the universes, Nova became dynamic, and life began. The eternal seal between the two universes allowed some power to pass into Nova. And with the dawn of humanity, some have been able to borrow and harness the strange power from Supernova.


Magic is manipulated by some. Those who manipulate magic are known colloquially as magi. The most popular means of manipulation is the Magacana; however some alternatives exist.


Certain areas of the world have far more leeway between the two worlds. These areas are traditionally known as wells of magic. Illiena is one of these wells. A Well is a far more unstable connection to Supernova, providing amplifications to normal magical ability, and in some cases, even granting magical ability to people normally unable to use magic. However, the space-time fluctuations caused by a well are dangerous. Overuse of magic can cause distortions in space-time, and there have been reported cases of large disasters.

Magical StormsEdit

Otherwise known scientifically as space-time distortions, these occur when one uses far too much magical energy. Being in a Well lowers the amount of magical energy needed to create a magical storm. In the Magacana, the suffix 'Vu', discovered via magical storm, is known to automatically use too much energy. It usually causes magical storms, and because of this, it's rarely used.