The religion of Hinalan. His teachings are still followed in many parts of Nurana.

Law of Gurhuna Edit

The Law of Gurhuna states that any criminal can be redeemed from their sins, no matter the crime. The law was named after Gurhuna, who planned on slaying Hinalan's Sandbeast. A creature attacked Gurhuna, and the Sandbeast defended him. Gurhuna admired the Sandbeast's selflessness, and decided that he would not kill him. Thus, the Law is based off the redemption of Gurhuna. This means that a death penalty can never be instituted, for there would be no redemption possible after death.

Holy GroundEdit

The Isutacu religion views the ground as sacred in their holy city, Isunaran, and any other cities made by one of the Isutacu religion. The only directions you are allowed to dig are to the sides, and upwards, and only when founding the city or burying someone, down. Touching the ground with anything other than bare skin or clothing is not allowed, and the more religious take off their shoes at all times.

Views on AfterlifeEdit

The Isutacu religion views the afterlife as a land of permanent peace and fertility, deep down in the earth. They bury downwards to allow their dead relatives an easier passage to the afterlife, and anyone who unjustly digs down is said to be sent to the afterlife a week later, regardless of age.