A large vehicle with treads, with a drill on the front. Used to excavate underground tunnels, allowing for expansion of underground cities and mining, and also to dig through rock and ground above ground, for clearing obstacles or mining.


Created by the esteemed inventor Hunagur Nihiril, it was originally meant for expanding his city of Isunaran. He then figured out how to reconfigure it to dig through solid rock and even metal, and it became a mining vehicle.

Religious ImplicationsEdit

Isutacu religion forbids digging with 'unnatural' means such as magic or, as some argue, machines. Thus, the Driutansk violates Isutacu sacred law. Hunagur Nihiril thus stopped supporting the machine, for he was a believer in the Isutacu religion. Nowadays, in Isunaran, it is allowed, but frowned upon. Only non-believers in the religion or less religious peoples use it, and the preferred method is still through domesticated Nuranaian Sandbeasts.