A supernatural disaster which resulted in the destruction of the city known as Clofeld in northeastern Luric. Almost a thousand lives were lost in the disaster.


The cause of the Clofeld Incident has been determined to have been a space-time distortion, also known as a magical storm, from an over-use of magic in a short time. Some students of the Clofeld University were attributed to be trying to create a large spell, but the magic flow exceeded safety limits. They carried on anyways, and space-time started fluctuating. The students continued the spell, and the mass build up of the magic resulted in an immense distortion, tearing the city and nearby areas into multiple dimensions, and the final effects were a barren wasteland of charred ground.


The effects of the Clofeld Incident are still seen to this day. The area where Clofeld and nearby areas were lost is still hallowed ground, and the dimensions are even weaker there than ever before. Many unnatural things have been seen in those areas, and most who enter never return. Magic is illegal to use in the hallowed ground, for even the slightest spell results in a small space-time distortion. No one has dared settle the town again.


Few survivors were found. Of the two found, one had been driven to being a vegetable, quite literally, and the other was driven insane, and mumbled various things about the afterlife, 'Souls', and various other supernatural subjects.